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Digital Marketing

Let us tell you something different about web marketing today and we are talking about digital marketing, in this era, as we are hearing about digital marketing from everyone’s. What is this ghost behind Internet Marketing? In today’s era, it is very rare to be able to run any business continuously on scale. This is only because competition, Nowadays, each business is taking a new shape every day. Every day there is new market, new business, new product, new price, and also born new competition.

            So, as we all have seen, the businessman is facing many difficult situations. Because sometimes, he has not been able to reach his desired goal and his main goal is sales. In today’s competitive market, selling is equivalent to chewing gram.

Thus, a businessman wants his business to grow somehow. That is why he uses different types of techniques so that his business can make a good profit. And in this competition, sales are possible as long as there is marketing of that business or product. And in competition, profit is possible only because there are no sales and sales are possible only because there is marketing of our business or product. And when we talk about marketing, let us introduce you to some 2 types of marketing methods.

Traditional VS Classical Marketing – Methods of Marketing

In this competition era, profit is possible only as long as there is sales and sales are possible only as long as there is marketing of that business or product. And we know very well that marketing is the most of basic things in the business.

There are two types of marketing which I am going to discuss that one is the traditional marketing and second is digital marketing.

Traditional/offline Marketing –

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is such marketing in which the audience comes through offline mode.” Traditional marketing is such marketing in which the audience comes through offline mode. For, simple example television, radio, print media, direct mail, phone etc.

Like let us tell you in simple language that the traditional marketing method is adopted by those businessmen who want to show or promote their business in the local area as well as nationally. And there is no doubt that traditional marketing remains a very old marketing method and is working very effectively even in the competitive market.

                  If seen in simple terms, traditional market is a very expensive and unpredictable marketing method. And its expense depends on how big audience are targeting by businessman.

Classical / Digital Marketing

 “Digital marketing means promoting and delivering any business, services or posts through online platforms such as search engines, social media, email and mobile apps etc by internet
                In short term, if you refer to digital marketing then I will tell you that nowadays any business or service is online like on social media or on any search engine or any online existence, then it should adopt digital marketing method. Let us also tell you that digital marketing is also called classical marketing” method. In this method, advertising has become very easy and it is more effective and efficiency to grab your audience as well as leads in a very low efforts and at reasonable cost.

In this method, we can easily do futuristic planning with the help of different-different tools & techniques. And this method not only increases our cost efficiency but also helps us in taking immediate decisions. And in this method we can find out how much and which products have been sold through which ads we have already run.

Digital Marketing OR Internet Marketing – The History

Nowadays, digital marketing is on boom level but earlier it was not like this, we told that only 40 to 50% people know about your internet and that too those people who are surfing internet and who are interested in collecting information.

Some time passed and there was some improvement in innovation, after that with the passage of time, internet marketing started growing rapidly and it has grown too much that it is in front of you today. We are going to know about internet marketing from 1990 to 2015. The mysterious story of how internet marketing has spread its wings all over the world.

1990 – In this year, the world’s first search engine was launched and named “Archie”. And in this year, internet marketing was used for the first time.

1993 – In this particular year, introduced first clickable internet ads. Which is very benificial to the digital marketing sector.

1994- This year Yahoo was born and the first e-commerce transaction took place.

1996- Is new this year and very smart search engine to look like “Alexa” and look smart etc .

1997- “sixdegree.com” a first social media platform. And this helped digital marketing to move ahead in the social media field.

1998- The term “Google” is born in this year and also Microsoft launched MSN and Yahoo! web search in this particular year.

2000- During this year many small search platforms wiped out and also birth “google Adword”.

2001- In 2001, first time mobile marketing campaign was introduced named as “Universal Music”.

2002- “LinkedIn” was born in 2002.

2003- in this year, introduced the term “WordPress” and launched “Myspace” .

2004- This year was the year of change for everyone. In this year Google launched Gmail and Google also became public and along with it “Facebook” also went live.

2005- This year “Youtube” was born.

2006- This year, along with “Twitter”, Microsoft launched MS Live search and Amazon’s e-commerce sales crossed $10 billion.

2007- In this year, “Tumbler”, web stream service and also iPhone was launched.

2008- In this year, “Sportify” was born in 2008 so public can easily listen music online.

2009- Everyone’s favorite apps – “Whatsapp” was launched and Google launched Instant to help users get real-time search engine results.

2011- This year launched “Google +” Which also written as Google Pluse, which helped in growing digital marketing.

2012- There was a lot of progressive increase in the social media budget.

2013- In this year, short term social media channel, microblogging started being used. And finally, Yahoo fully acquired Tumblr.

2014- This year a new gift was given to digital marketing which was named “Facebook Messenger”. And in this year, it was seen that people started using internet on mobile more than desktop.

2015- in this year introduced, the term which is “Snapchat”. Nowadays, the young version of Snapchat is being used very fast. In 2015, it was seen that a lot of smart wearable things were created and a lot of new technology was also developed and inbound market growth was also done.

18 Types Digital Marketing – Types of Internet Marketing .

Let us tell you that digital marketing has spread its wings all over the world, it has not only captured big businesses like companies, industries, factories, large scale offices etc. but also small and small sized businesses. Like small MS, shops, small scale factories and low level businesses have also been captured.

In digital marketing, different types of channels and strategies have been used to reach and connect with the targeted audience. Some of their types have been highlighted.

  1. Search Engine Optimization :

This strategy is used to optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results, improving visibility and organic traffic.

some others tools that can evaluate your website like SEO Checkup of your website.

2. Social Media Marketing :

We also know also known as (SEM) in digital marketing. We use social media platforms to connect with audiences, create brand awareness, and increase traffic and sales.

3. Affiliate Marketing :

Nowadays this marketing is becoming very famous, a lot of income is being generated by using this strategy. Partnerships where businesses reward affiliates for bringing in customers through the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

4. Interactive Content Marketing:

This is a type of designing process in which people add various elements like writing blogs, photos and video graphics and podcasts, all marketing materials. It involves creating and sharing valuable content to attract and engage a target audience, leading to profitable customer action.

5. Email Marketing :

By using this, Involves sending targeted messages to a group of people via email to promote products, services, or maintain customer relationships.

6. Marketing Analytics :

This has also become the key to earning money. By using this, individuals or marketing agencies are generating good income. Marketing analytics transforms raw data into actionable insights, guiding strategic decisions, optimizing campaigns, and maximizing ROI for informed and effective marketing strategies.

7. Pay-per-Click (PPC) :

This is a type of paid method of gathering traffic. Advertising at this time pays advertisers a fee every time their ad is clicked, providing a quick way to drive traffic to a website.

8. Mobile Marketing :

Tailors marketing efforts to reach audiences on mobile devices, considering mobile apps, websites, and SMS.

9. Influencer Marketing :

It is a type of marketing where marketing efforts are targeted at mobile apps, websites and SMS to reach audiences on mobile devices.

10. Video Marketing :

It is a way of earning money by showing videos to target audiences. In this, we use videos to attract audiences, promote and market products or services through platforms like YouTube.

11. Chatbot Marketing :

It is a type of AI-powered automation through which chatbots are implemented on websites or messaging apps to provide instant customer service and connect with users to create a user-friendly environment.

12. Voice Search Optimization :

It optimizes content to appear in a voice search results As more users use voice-activated devices, minimizing both their time and effort, it is the best time-saving tool. Accurate answers are expected.

13.Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing :

This is also a new form of digital marketing that integrates elements of the virtual world into the real world to enhance user experiences, often used in apps or filters.

14. Native Advertising :

Seamlessly integrates paid content into one platform, matching the form and function of surrounding content.

15. Remarketing/Retargeting :

This is a form of forced recall that targets users who have previously visited a website with specific advertisements, encouraging them to return and complete the desired action.

16. Podcast Marketing :

This is a traditional type of marketing, similar to radio in the past, which used to promote word-of-mouth, and it involves creating and promoting content through podcasts, taking advantage of the growing popularity of audio content.

17. Webinars and Online Events :

It is a one-of-a-kind event that engages audiences through live or recorded online programs, providing valuable information and fostering conversation.

18. Geotargeting and Location-Based Marketing :

It is a type of marketing that targets users based on their geographical location, providing personalized content or offers relevant to their area.

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Conclusion :-

Choosing the right mix of these digital marketing types depends on business goals, target audience, and the nature of the products or services being promoted. Effective digital marketing often involves a strategic combination of these approaches to achieve the desired results.

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